Starting a successful coaching business can be exhausting

Long hours, endless tasks, miles of effort for just millimetres of progress. You share your offer with prospects only to hear, “It’s not for me” or, “It’s not the right time,” or worse, they say yes and then ghost you. You’re not alone.

Common reasons for a
struggling coaching business

There is a better way.

So what’s the solution?

Impact with Influence helps coaches attract more high paying clients than they can handle. If your goal is to become one of the most sought-after experts in your field, we have a proven process for expert coaches with integrity that generates up to 1,000% ROI within 8 weeks.*

All the essential resources

Expand your possibilities

Crush your self-limiting and business-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in place and spinning your wheels.

Clarify your messaging

Learn our proprietary technique for getting clear on what you actually do, who it’s for and why it’s worth more.

Design your offer

Get 1-on-1 coaching to assemble your high-leverage premium program from start to finish. Less is more

Sell premium

Learn how to close paying clients over the phone, online and from stage WITHOUT “selling” while avoiding the dabblers and bargain hunters.

Get results

Lead by example and up your inner game so you’re guiding your clients to breakthroughs beyond their wildest dreams.


Start a movement by getting featured in newspapers, magazines, podcasts
and TV shows. Create momentum by borrowing audiences to build your own.

Want to go deeper?

Why join Impact With Influence?

Our team will guide you hands-on through the strategic, emotional and spiritual shifts required for you to become the person capable of living your vision. Get measurable growth in the next 8 weeks by getting support instead of just information.

Does Impact With Influence really work?

“I simply put what Geeta lays out into practice. My goal was $80,000 in 8 weeks but Geeta said to make it $100,000. Thank you for making me realize how powerful I can be. I made over $100,000 in 8 weeks and I may reach $1MM by the end of the year.I never thought this was possible in such a short time.”

Steven Eugene Kuhn

(Berlin, Germany)

“I had my best month of business to date while still in the program. I booked $30,000 in new client workand I didn’t offer to work with two people because they weren’t the right fit. I’m trusting myself more and I’m more grounded in how I run my business. I’m so grateful for this program.”

Michelle Mercurio

(Richmond, Virginia)

“Once I started putting all of the pieces in the program into practice, I was able to show up to sales calls and enroll four new clients in a 7-day period. Yes, friends, that means with just four clients I’ve made $21,000 in seven days during the program!

Tracy Timm

(Dallas, Texas)

How to grow your business faster

Watch our 30 minute training

Book a free epiphany session with our team

Gain clarity on your messaging, offer and sales system

Increase your income in less than 8 weeks

Does Impact With Influence really work?

“I made $78K in 4 months. My close rate using your sales flow is 70% with the other 30% wanting in but needing to get funds together. The best part is I get feedback all the time from my students that they’re charging what they’re worth and falling in love with their businesses. Your sh*t works!”

Jen Berson
(California, USA)

“I went live using your PATH method. Got a call booked and the same day have a new client. Three out of three. Previously, 3 sales would have been $2,160 in revenue. With IWI, 3 sales = $12,000. Just do what Geeta and team say. #itundoubtedlyworks”

Jayme Hernandez

(Montreal, Canada)

We made $200K in the 8 weeks of working with Geeta’s team by using PATH method, by streamlining systems and raising our rates in a way that felt deeply aligned with our values.”

Palak Shah

(Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania)

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