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Join the conversation no one seems to be having in the online space and figure out what you need in order to turn your work into a process both you and your clients can trust.


Stuck in the quicksand between $10K/m and $30K/m?

You have proof of concept and a method that actually works. You’ve coached at least 10 clients who got results and would give you a glowing testimonial. You’ve got the coaching thing figured out but you’re struggling to scale. Financials, hiring, systems and culture – these are all uncharted territory and you know they’re what you need to master if you’re going to go where you want to go.

Why even really effective,
experienced coaches burn out

There is a better way.

So what’s the solution?

” Impact with Influence helps experienced coaches put their lead generation on autopilot and build powerful teams and systems that deliver results that has your clients raving and referring. You need to understand how to streamline your program so it’s designed for retention because increasing client lifetime value (LTV) is the fastest way to both increase profits and deliver better results. Become a Profit Prophet™ that can keep your promises to yourself, your clients and your family. We’ll take you from $10K-$30K/m to $100K/m in just 16 weeks or you don’t pay.”

– Geeta Nadkarni

All the essential resources

Keep your promises

Progress beyond amateur vision boards and learn how true visionaries choose the ideas to focus on and build a true execution plan and process that actually makes it happen.

Clarify your messaging

Learn our proprietary technique for getting clear on what you actually do, who it’s for and why it’s worth more.

Develop a Power Promise™

Turn that clarity into a coaching package that clients can’t resist and make everything downstream- marketing, sales and fulfillment – cheaper, faster and easier.

Automate lead flow

Never worry again about where your next client will come from. Use our automated process to predictably fill your calendar with high quality, committed leads who want to do the work.

Get results

Keep your promises to yourself and your clients by creating a scalable coaching experience that pre-empts clients’ needs so effectively that they can’t help but be successful (which is the true secret to your own success).

High- 5 Hiring

Understand how to source and retain incredible talent who will love your clients like you do and ensure the testimonials keep pouring in.

Play the long game

Instead of focusing on short term revenue, shift your focus to long term client retention and boost lifetime value by 3-10x.

Why join Impact With Influence?

If you want to create a body of work that truly matters and leaves a lasting impact, you’re going to have to get good at making difficult decisions. To learn to focus on the handful of things that move the needle while ruthlessly cutting out the rest. It’s simple, and because it’s simple, it’s really freaking HARD. But it is what will grow you into the kind of business owner you want to be – the kind that is trustworthy and keeps their promises to their clients, their team, their family and to themselves. The kind whose work changes the game. The kind of person your descendants will be proud to have as an elder.

Does Impact With Influence really work?

“I simply put what Geeta lays out into practice. My goal was $80,000 in 8 weeks but Geeta said to make it $100,000. Thank you for making me realize how powerful I can be. I made over $100,000 in 8 weeks and I may reach $1MM by the end of the year.

I never thought this was possible in such a short time.”

Steven Eugene Kuhn

(Berlin, Germany)

“I had my best month of business to date while still in the program. I booked $30,000 in new client work and I didn’t offer to work with two people because they weren’t the right fit.

I’m trusting myself more and I’m more grounded in how I run my business. I’m so grateful for this program.”

Michelle Mercurio

(Richmond, Virginia)

“Once I started putting all of the pieces in the program into practice, I was able to show up to sales calls and enroll four new clients in a 7-day period.

Yes, friends, that means with just four clients I’ve made $21,000 in seven days during the program!

Tracy Timm

(Dallas, Texas)

How to become a Profit Prophet™

Watch our 10 minute training

Book a free epiphany session with our team

Systematize your lead gen, offer, sales and delivery

Hit $100K/m in 16 weeks or you don’t pay

Does Impact With Influence really work?

“I made $78K in 4 months. My close rate using your sales flow is 70% with the other 30% wanting in but needing to get funds together. The best part is I get feedback all the time from my students that they’re charging what they’re worth and falling in love with their businesses. Your sh*t works Geeta Nadkarni!”

Jen Berson
(California, USA)

“I went live using your PATH method. Got a call booked and the same day have a new client. Three out of three. Previously, 3 sales would have been $2,160 in revenue. With IWI, 3 sales = $12,000. Just do what Geeta and team say. #itundoubtedlyworks”

Jayme Hernandez

(Montreal, Canada)

We made $200K in the 8 weeks of working with Geeta’s team by using PATH method, by streamlining systems and raising our rates in a way that felt deeply aligned with our values.”

Palak Shah

(Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania)

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