7 Figures Per Month By Making Her Business Simpler

How Connie’s Non-Profit Hit 7 Figures Per Month WITHOUT Complex Funnels Or Ads

“But Geeta, I don’t have a make money offer! I can’t offer my clients an ROI on their money!”

I’ve heard it all the time…

For some reason, experts and coaches believe they can’t sell their offers for $5k-$15k because they don’t have money ROI offers.

That’s just nonsense. In fact, to tell you the truth…

You DON’T need a money ROI offer to raise your prices…

You DON’T need a “7-Figure Lead Gen Funnel” or the latest Facebook Ads hacks…

Instead, when you want to get to 7 figures with your business (without working as a full-time marketer for your business)…

When you want to actually have an impact and do what you love everyday…

All you need is two, simple things.

The same two things Connie used to hit 7 figures PER MONTH with her non-profit. While running a coaching business at the same time.

Now, I recorded an interview with Connie so she could share with us the two biggest needle movers that pushed her to the 7-figures per month mark…

And I’m excited for you to go through it so you can start making the same changes in YOUR business!

In this video, you’ll discover:

* The critical tool that helped Connie break through to 7 figures per month (she thought she was already great at it… but she was wrong) – 4:00

* If you’re struggling to attract the RIGHT type of clients who will happily pay you $5k to $15k for what you do… this may be the problem – 5:45

* Facebook Ads are great, but when you fix this thing, people will start throwing you referrals left and right. You’ll have qualified people reaching out to you without paying for a single ad – 6:05

* This isn’t going to be for everyone… but if you haven’t been feeling that confident lately about what you do and how you do it, then watch this part – 6:45

* One of Connie’s BIG takeaways from Impact With Influence: Don’t sell your services. Instead, here’s what you do… – 7:15

* If you’re an expert, then getting accountability is MORE important than your lead gen tactics or your next webinar script, and here’s why… – 9:15

* This “magic potion factory” story is for those experts who feel guilty and ashamed because they can’t grow their own businesses (but they can do magic for others) – 10:50

* Connie’s biggest pivotal point in business had NOTHING to do with business – 12:00

* Most experts put all their focus on WHAT they do. Smart ones focus on WHO they do it for. However, happy and successful experts focus on their WHERE – 15:11

* Where do BIG breakthroughs come from? They come from p______ – 17:30

* If you want to have a bigger impact in the world… if you want to show up better for your people… then you have to do this counterintuitive thing – 19:36

* Leadership is not about charisma or rewards. Real leadership is inspiring people and getting the most out of them. And this is how you do it – 20:32

* Here’s why Connie doesn’t need to pay for ads. In fact, all her growth has come from focusing on two FREE strategies – 22:20

* What do you do when you’re at capacity and can’t take more clients? Well, you create so much demand for what you do that people start waiting with their credit cards in hand… just hoping you make them an offer. Here’s the easy way to do this – 24:20

Whether you can offer your clients a  clear financial return on their investment or you can’t…

This video will show you what you REALLY need to raise your prices and attract the right type of clients who’ll pay you what you’re worth.

And it has nothing to do with marketing or sales (if it was that you’d already have a thriving expert business).

So, if you want to know what the two most important fundamentals are for any expert business…

Need help building these 4 levers into your business or identifying where your actual bottleneck is? Use this link to speak to someone on my team about how we can help you.

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