How to Answer the Question, “What Do You Do?”

“But what do you really do? How to discover what you really do?” Have you ever had someone ask you this question and then completely blank on an answer? Sure, you know what subjects you teach, what exercises you share, the marketing category you’re in, but when you try to say those things aloud you

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How to Know When it’s Time to Quit

Few entrepreneurs talk about this publicly or honestly, but everyone reaches a point where they recognize that they feel like quitting. But how to know when it’s actually time to quit? Quitting, giving up, letting go, it’s often not hardwired into the entrepreneur’s DNA. We’re told to stick with it, be persistent, and persevere, but

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Darden asks Geeta: “How do I expand my business without burning out?” Darden asks Geeta: How do I simplify business, get the results I want, and expand online with my programs without feeling like I’m burning out or sacrificing my well-being by trying to do it all? My response: Darden, this is literally what Impact

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The Number One Rule of Performance

I love being in front of the camera, but I do use the Number One Rule of Performance. If that makes you want to barf in my hair, bear with me – I have a gift for you. And let me assure you, it wasn’t always this way… When I first started working in television,

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How to Tell Impactful Stories

How to tell impactful stories? I’ve always been a storyteller. I began writing at a very young age, and as I grew older I went into the live news business, where I got to tell vital and captivating stories on a daily basis. Today, I continue to tell stories, in team meetings, on group coaching

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How to Invite Clients to Invest Big Bucks

It’s hard to be a really effective coach when you’re constantly distracted by money thoughts. And for most of the folks we work with, those money thoughts come from charging too little. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing structure. There isn’t a magic dollar amount that you need to charge just because everyone else is. But

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