Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Read This

The only way you can be an imposter is if you refuse to take your own medicine/advice. There. I said it. I work with SO many brilliant coaches who genuinely care about their clients, are able to deliver results (all the while worrying that they’re not good enough) and really the antidote is to realize

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From burned out to $70k with a brand new program

How to go from burned out to $70k with a brand new program? What does it take for breakthroughs to happen? How do you get out of that point where you’re just stuck spinning your wheels… and all you do is create more work on top of more work… but you aren’t making real progress?

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How to Gain Confidence in Your Coaching

Your confidence in your coaching ability is the number one thing that will blow up your business in the best possible way. No matter where in your coaching journey you are. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or have a decade of experience under your belt. Increasing your confidence will help you shatter that

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exercise to overcome sales resistance

A simple exercise to help overcome sales resistance

At some point in your coaching business, you’ll reach the pivotal moment when you need to ask for the sale. For many people, it’s the hardest part of running a business. They shy away from pitches, mumble through the call to action, and vastly undersell their program. Sales resistance is the fastest way to self-sabotaging

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