exercise to overcome sales resistance

A simple exercise to help overcome sales resistance

At some point in your coaching business, you’ll reach the pivotal moment when you need to ask for the sale. For many people, it’s the hardest part of running a business. They shy away from pitches, mumble through the call to action, and vastly undersell their program. Sales resistance is the fastest way to self-sabotaging

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overcome sales resistance

How to overcome sales resistance

You can’t be an entrepreneur without sales, but this is by far the area my clients struggle with the most. So many people have incredible resistance to sales. They’re afraid of rejection, they don’t want to come across as “salesy,” they worry about pushing their clients away, or they have hidden toxic beliefs about money,

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This is the ONE thing you need to fix to get clients immediately

When you stop trying to fix surface-level problems, you’ll have the expert business you’ve always wanted Cindy had been struggling for 2 years and 9 months before we started working together. She had invested in other programs, she was putting in the work, but the clients weren’t showing up. She’s already put in $90K to

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7 Figures Per Month By Making Her Business Simpler

How Connie’s Non-Profit Hit 7 Figures Per Month WITHOUT Complex Funnels Or Ads “But Geeta, I don’t have a make money offer! I can’t offer my clients an ROI on their money!” I’ve heard it all the time… For some reason, experts and coaches believe they can’t sell their offers for $5k-$15k because they don’t

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The 4 Levers to Pull to Grow Your Coaching Business

What do you believe is your biggest obstacle to succeeding in your business? Take a moment and think about it. If there was one lever you could pull that would solve everything you’re struggling with – or at least make everything more manageable – what would it be? In my 8+ years of coaching, I’ve

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How to Live Your Vision

There are few things more exhilarating than sitting down and mapping out your new life vision. When inspiration strikes and you begin plotting out your ultimate plan for your business, your life, and your family, the adrenaline alone seems like all the fuel you need to get you there. You’re ready to live your vision!

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How to Ask Life Changing Coaching Questions

One question that keeps coaches up at night is, “am I really going to deliver results?” This is the question that stands between so many great coaches and earning the premium their work is worth. It’s the question that threatens their alignment. But what if we told you that with a handful of simple but

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