Darden asks Geeta: “How do I expand my business without burning out?”

Darden asks Geeta:

How do I simplify business, get the results I want, and expand online with my programs without feeling like I’m burning out or sacrificing my well-being by trying to do it all?

My response:

Darden, this is literally what Impact with Influence was designed for!

When I first started out, I had all the same questions. In fact, I even created a full half-hour training dedicated to this very problem!

But I’ll quickly summarize the answer to your question here.

The first thing you want to do is figure out the nuances of your fear. What this question tells me is that you have a galloping fear of success. Some part of you is self-sabotaging because you’re scared that, if you’re successful, you’ll “burn out” or “sacrifice your well-being.”

Take time to sit with your fear, feel into it and dig deeper for your truth. Name the fears that are sitting underneath that fear. Fear of losing control, fear of failure, fear of being a fraud. Feel into these emotions with your body, and write down your fears. Only once they have a name can you begin to address them.

Then, you can start to simplify your business in three steps.


  • Get crystal clear on who you work with.

I’ve found that the fastest way to burn out is to help people who aren’t ready for my help.

When I take on a client who isn’t prepared to own their own transformation, 90% of my effort goes into helping them get ready. By the time we reach actual life-changing work, I’m already burned out.

That’s why it’s crucial to identify your ideal client. Who is the best fit for your program? At what point in their journey are they ready to work with you?

Take the time to get crystal clear on who that ideal client is, and run every prospect through a vetting process.

  • Design a scalable program

Next, you want to create a program that isn’t based solely on 1:1 coaching. As much as I love 1:1 coaching, it’s not scalable because you can only work with so many people before you do, indeed, burn out.

You can’t truly have freedom if you’re always on call. You need a program that can scale.

I advocate for a hybrid program that combines group coaching with 1:1 customization. In a hybrid program, you can templatize some aspects, share responsibility with others, and still build out the space to work your magic without consuming all your time.

  • Sell a transformation

Finally, you want to make sure your program curriculum is designed in such a way that your clients have truly massive transformations. Not only should your program be life-changing, but you need to be able to clearly articulate what that transformation looks like.

The bigger the transformation, the more you can charge for your program.

The clearest way to articulate this is by nailing the before and after. Clearly identify the beginning pain and contrast that with the transformed future.

Pain creates urgency, but bliss gives permission to buy.

The clearer you are on this, the easier it is to articulate it in a way that makes people want it.

Once you’re able to price your program at a premium, you’ll be able to scale and reinvest that money back into resources and people to help you grow without overextending yourself.

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