How to Design a Group Program That Gets Better Results Than 1-on-1 Coaching

I have the perfect answer for your one-on-one vs. group dilemma.

Do both.

Everything changed for me when I realized I didn’t have to choose between group programs or one-on-one coaching — I could combine the two in a hybrid coaching program.

In reality, both structures are incredibly valuable. Some breakthroughs require the intimacy and trust of a one-on-one session. In these sessions, you can do deep, soul-searching work in an atmosphere of absolute. But in a group setting, you get the momentum, the community, and the thrill shared experience.

In a hybrid coaching program, you don’t have to choose — you can pull the best experiences out of both options.

How do you do this? There are three key things to consider when structuring your hybrid program.

1. You want both systems and customization 

It’s not either/or. When you structure your hybrid program, identify the areas where indivualized work is needed, and the areas that can be systematized.

What are all the steps required for each participant in your program to get from point A (their pain) to point B (the transformation you create)? What are the processes they need to get that transformation?

Now, which of those steps can be automated? And which require a deeper dive, though group and personal sessions? Map out this transformation so it runs like clockwork.

Now, you may be worried that automatizing your process will create a lifeless, cookie-cutter machine. But in reality, systematizing your program will ensure your clients receive a consistent experience.

With one-on-one coaching, your client’s experience depends entirely on how “on” you are that day. So the first client you work with in January, when you’re motivated and engaged, will get a great experience, while the client who comes to you in May, when you’re burned out, gets a significantly different one.

Each client will still require a degree of customization. The great news is, once you automate 80% of the program, you’ll have all your energy to focus on creating that 20% customization and making it incredibly impactful for both of you.

2. Design your hybrid program with breakthroughs in mind

When you are mapping out your program, start by identifying what breakthroughs need to happen, and then design for each one.

For example, my Impact with Influence team knows that by the end of week 1 of our program, our clients will have absolute clarity on who their ideal client is. By week 2, they’ll have a fully designed program. Week 3 focuses on sales training and messaging. And so on.

We’ve mapped everything out, knowing what they need to know by weeks, and we design our process to get them there.

3. Lead your hybrid coaching business by example

A client of ours, Jen, teaches PR professionals. She has a successful PR agency, but she wanted to design a program that taught other PR professionals how to build a business that felt healthy, sustainable and wildly profitable. This was a pivot from her previous foray into online courses which hadn’t worked as well as she would have liked (DIY PR for entrepreneurs).

This time though, we were using her as a blueprint to design our understanding of her ideal client. And we went to where the opportunity was lying dormant, simply waiting for her to announce her offer.

She didn’t have a big email list (all her email subscribers were around her previous DIY PR offer for entrepreneurs – a very different avatar). She did however have an Instagram following and a history of folks reaching out to her for mentorship. So that’s where we honed in.

Moral of the story: our method works best for those that are, in many ways, a blueprint of their ideal client. If you’re not the oldest and most fervent user of your own medicine, we may not be the program for you.

But if you are, teasing out the nuances and specifics of the journey and putting it into a system that’s scalable is exactly what will bust you past any profit plateau you’re on.

Ready to Start?

Nine times out of 10, the problem you think you have isn’t your real obstacle. If you’re ready to dig deep and discover what’s holding your coaching program back, we can help. Or if you’re ready to overhaul your offering and build a hybrid program that you believe in, USE THIS LINK.

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