Case study

5-Year Vision in 8 Weeks!

She had been thinking about creating a mentorship coaching program for years… … but Kakali had more questions than answers and was intimidated by everything that all the gurus said was required. She also had deep reservations about her target market’s willingness and ability to pay. “My people are not like yours, Geeta,” she said.

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$21K in 7 days!

Problem she was trying to solve: She thought she needed to work on the marketing process.  Real problem was: her program was not positioned correctly. When Tracy first got on a call with us, she set the bar too low at 10k per month. Geeta looked at her incredulously and said, “Let’s do twenty.” It

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16k Case Study

She writes brand stories and helps both people and companies draw out their core essence, put words to it and generate conversions like no one else can do. Her price point was… (you ready)? $1500. And some of her clients were on payment plans. Fast forward a couple of months working through Impact with Influence.

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