5-Year Vision in 8 Weeks!

She had been thinking about creating a mentorship coaching program for years…
… but Kakali had more questions than answers and was intimidated by everything that all the gurus said was required.
She also had deep reservations about her target market’s willingness and ability to pay.
“My people are not like yours, Geeta,” she said. “They aren’t coaches and my offer wouldn’t necessarily help them make money, so it’s hard to imagine how they could justify investing.”
She also had a lot of resistance to selling.
Like a LOT. 😲
And she didn’t have a program yet…🧐
(Thank goodness we don’t just teach the sales process but also have a dedicated mindset team to help our clients get over their internal blocks).
She is a salaried academic (yes, to this day – her coaching practice is her side hustle). So her crazy 5-year stretch goal was to make 30K/mth.
🥂 Well, she hit 35K before she graduated our 8-week program using the sales process we taught her.
But those were just the quick wins that we talk about in the video.
The cool thing is what happened AFTER the video…
9 weeks later, she closed another 62K!🥳
This time WITHOUT sales calls.
From just a couple of emails. 😎
🙌 Remember, this is her side hustle, so unlike most of our clients, she had to shut enrolment temporarily because she couldn’t accept more than a certain number of clients.
We helped her adapt our model for her needs.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simple sells.
Because when your messaging is CLEAR, your people are WILLING.
Need help dialling in your own messaging and developing a program that your clients are HAPPY to pay for, even if it’s more than they’ve ever invested before?
I invite you to book a FREE Epiphany Session with my team.
Kakali recouped her entire investment even before she finished our program!😻
And if you’ve already watched my Masterclass, then you know our framework and systems deliver…
…plus, we only work with coaches that we’re confident we can help.
If our program isn’t the right fit, we’ll be the first to say so.
Book your free Epiphany Session here:
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