Jennifer Berson: $50k in 8 weeks

Except this ONE thing that just REFUSED to take off.

On one hand, she runs Jeneration PR, a 7-figure PR agency she launched 14 years ago out of her Sherman Oaks home. An agency she launched with zero experience, no contacts and everyone telling her she was nuts to quit her high paying lawyer gig to pursue this “passion”.

She made THAT work.

So why had it cost her 2.5 years and tens of thousands of dollars in failed FB ads and various launch fees and coaches to have a tiny, lacklustre launch for her DIY PR course?

It’s a struggle that too many experts – coaches, consultants and online service providers – are facing.

What are the key shifts she made that allowed her to stop 2 and a half years of struggle and make $50K in revenue in just under 7 weeks?

Is this what happens when you FINALLY figure out how to close the gap between what you want to offer and what your ideal clients most want from you?

Watch this video as Jen tells the raw, uncensored behind-the-scenes story of what it’s like to try and launch an online program in a world that’s been trained to expect your best stuff for free.

And the epiphanies that helped her NAIL her message in a way that made it EFFORTLESS to sell her new program Agency Accelerator at several times the price of her previous PR program (that never really sold well).

What makes it easier to sell at a HIGHER price point?

What do you have to KNOW and SAY to attract clients who really GET your value?

And HOW can you structure your program in such a way that you make exponentially more money while cutting down your time spent marketing (so you have more time to spend with clients you ADORE as well as a business structure that has scalability built in?

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