From Sex Trafficked to Success

🤩 What happens when you FINALLY overcome your fear and stuckness and put your life’s work out there… … 2 DAYS BEFORE THE WORLD SHUTS DOWN DUE TO COVID-19?! 😮 Well, this is exactly what happened to one of our clients, MeLissa Gayle. It’s a situation no one could have predicted and no one can control. The doubt. 🥺 The fear. 😳 The triggering of old trauma and unworthiness. 😢 (This last is extra significant given MeLissa’s past and the trauma she lived through as a child and well into her twenties). I hope you’re ready for a story with a happy ending, because that’s exactly what this is. Except, it’s far from over. MeLissa’s coaching journey is just beginning. And she has a LOT to share about how she took one of the craziest occurrences in our lifetime and turned it into wild success for her coaching program. Join me as I get her to spill truth bomb after truth bomb about how she overcame the obstacles that are keeping most coaches paralyzed. If this is the kind of support you’re looking for in your own business, please go to, watch our 30-minute training where I walk you through the exact steps MeLissa used. Once you’ve watched it, you can book a free call and speak to someone on my team that will help you see how you can get the support that will make our current events the best thing to have happened to your business. ☎