Raise your rates, get better clients

*Spoiler Alert*: this story makes me cry every time I hear it… so be prepared.

In this video, Katie explains how she went from working with bottom-of-the-barrel clients…

… to high-paying, committed, coachable, dream clients who she was excited to serve.

But that’s not all.

Even though this isn’t a “training,” you’ll get plenty of gold nuggets from this video if you listen closely.

(And you also might shed a few tears)

Here are some of the insights you’ll get:

– Listen to how Katie was able to fix her relationship with her mom using what she discovered in Impact With Influence.

– The reason why Katie was working with “dabbler” clients who wouldn’t commit to the work (she was basically shooting herself in the foot).

– How she eliminated the guilt of raising her rates.

– The one shift that got her out of her “real job” and making enough money to go into coaching full time (without filling up her calendar or getting burned out)

– Katie explains how she now gets more committed clients who actually show up and do the work.

– The tip that helped her avoid feeling like a fraud for charging high rates and made her realize she’s worthy of high-paying clients..

– The number one objection your clients have right now… and the one they’ll have once you get total clarity.

– The one thing that was keeping Katie from building the life and business she wanted (it wasn’t the marketing).

– Why fixing a lack of acceptance and self-trust is more important than figuring out what funnel you need to use.

– How you can take the “drama” out of your current situation so you can move past it without getting paralyzed.

– Where clear messaging really comes from.

– How Katie’s mom was slowly killing herself… and how she helped her change her habits.

– Listen to the one reason why Katie’s mom took so long to reach out to her and get help. This is the same reason your clients don’t want to work with you.

– The real job of ANY expert no matter your industry or what you think you do.

– How Katie gets excited to show up every day and doesn’t feel like what she’s doing is tiresome work.

– The one thing that changed how Katie viewed her business forever.

Watch this video all the way until the end. You’ll be glad you did.

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