The ONE thing you need to fix to get clients immediately

Cindy had been struggling for 2 years and 9 months before we started working together.

She had invested in other programs (more than $90K!), she was putting in the work, but the clients weren’t showing up.

In fact…

She only signed up 1 client during those 2 years… and they asked for a refund.

Now, this happens because most experts believe their business problems are business related. But 90% of the time that just isn’t true…

What you need to realize is that YOU are your business… and you have deep subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from having what you truly desire.

That’s why when you try to fix these subconscious blocks with better ads or better webinars, you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.

That’s what Cindy found out as she went through IWI.

And the moment she was able to identify what was really holding her back? Her coaching business turned into what she had always dreamed it could be.

So, I recorded an interview with Cindy where she laid down some of the strategies she used to uncover her blocks AND sign up clients with ease.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

3:14 – The FREE tool that will help you figure out the subconscious patterns holding you back from success.

06:14 – If your content isn’t resonating with your audience… and you’re not closing prospects on the phone… it might be because you haven’t asked yourself this question.

06:35 – Cindy talks about what was REALLY holding her back and why she hadn’t seen any success in 2 years and 9 months (Hint: It had NOTHING to do with having the right funnel, ads, or webinar)

10:00 – When Cindy started doing this simple (seemingly unrelated) thing, she started getting clients left and right.

10:55 – When you want to better serve your clients, and you want your impact to be bigger, you need to go through this.

12:05 – Cindy reveals the exact thing she does every Tuesday that gets people DMing her out of the blue to work with her, co-author a book, and even speak at stages.

13:55 – Cindy was $90K in debt from investing in other programs and trying to get her coaching business off the ground. And in this section she shares what makes Impact With Influence different from all that’s out there.

17:51 – Want to make your group coaching more powerful than 1-on-1 calls? Then you need to master this specific “Universal Thread” skill.

19:10 – Most experts are killing themselves trying to make content. They turn content creation into a JOB. That’s why Cindy shares what she learned inside IWI to become a prolific content creator (and have somebody else do all the work).

20:25 – Cindy’s advice to someone who’s considering joining IWI

If you’re an expert that doesn’t have the confidence to charge $5k-$15k for their program… if you can’t get perfect prospects DMing you begging you to work with them…

Then it’s probably because you’re trying to fix a below-the-surface problem (deep subconscious beliefs holding you back)… with surface-level tactics (rewriting your webinar for a 5th time).

Go watch this video so you can start moving your expert business forward… by taking a look inside.

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