If you believe that business is a vehicle for personal growth, you’re in the right place.

Impact with Influence is a life-changing 8-week intensive training designed specifically for coaches, course creators, and experts who are BRILLIANT at what they do but are struggling to build a business around it that doesn’t burn them out. We’ve been there. And we’ve found a way through to freedom.

All of our clients are driven by purpose and are looking for a way to bring their work into the world in a more powerful, impactful, and lucrative way. Using our exclusive proven methods, we help our clients design systems around what they already do intuitively so more people benefit. 

And unlike most coaching programs that EITHER focus on the personal mindset and emotional transformation OR the tactical business-building pieces, we offer BOTH in a synergistic, holistic package. So you’re using the business-building actions to trigger and bring up any belief systems that are holding you back and then we work on shifting those beliefs. Each of our clients gets deep 1-on-1 mindset support to move through the fear, guilt, shame and past failure that has been colouring their lens and getting them to play small.

Are you ready to take it up a notch on both a business and personal level? Let Impact with Influence help you break through the burnout. Schedule your Epiphany Call today. 

What Impact With Influence Is All About?

We’ve developed this program to help you:

  • Deeply define your ideal client(s)
  • Design and price a powerful program your ideal client(s) actually WANT to spend money on and that will deliver RESULTS
  • Use our PATH methodology: a simple, effective, and powerful messaging methodology to narrate your clients’ problems better than they can
  • Have impactful phone conversations with your prospects that solidifies their trust and gives them the confidence to invest in your help
  • Further scale your authority
  • Improve your close rate without high pressure “high ticket closing”
  • Use the power of the media to hack into audiences others have built



Do I qualify for the Impact with Influence program?

To qualify for the Impact with Influence program: 

  • You must be absolutely amazing at creating the transformation you will be selling. 
  • You have field-tested your process and have deep confidence in it either from being your own best client and/or from working with others in a coaching capacity, whether paid or not.
  • You are smart, driven, and willing to do both the tactical business-building work as well as the inner mindset work.
  • You are open and coachable and take full responsibility for the life that you’ve created— even the pieces of it you don’t love.
  • While coachable, you’re also not passive— you show up as the captain of your ship and take initiative. You speak up on calls and via Helpdesk and ask for help even if you don’t know exactly what help you need.
  •  You bring your own creativity and insight to the table instead of waiting to be told what to do.
  • You are a lifelong learner, humble, and willing to come to the table with a student’s mind and rework things that you might have learned/built in other programs.
  • You are a strong student, you’re able to follow written and verbal instructions (in English), and are kind, respectful, and supportive of others.

**We cannot currently accept clients who have active alcohol or drug dependencies or who have been diagnosed with serious mood disorders, PTSD, or brain injuries. Past addictions or conditions that are managed to where they are no longer a huge factor may be okay – so please bring up any of these factors so we can accurately gauge whether we can help you.


What is the price of Impact with Influence?

When pricing our own program, we took the following six factors into consideration:

  1. The financial cost of marketing without clarity
  2. The energetic cost of having a business that drains you
  3. The time cost of not knowing how to fix the problem
  4. The identity cost of a business that doesn’t work
  5. The physical toll of a coaching practice that doesn’t nurture you back
  6. The freedom that comes from figuring it out

The investment is in the $15-20K range. We do offer some limited financing options.


What is an Epiphany Call?

An Epiphany Call is when you speak to someone on the Impact with Influence team to explore the root cause of your stuckness and to evaluate if we’re in fact in a position to help. We can’t help everyone and don’t teach what we haven’t lived and learned by doing. On an Epiphany Call, we’ll go deep – we’ll explore your perception of the present (what’s working, what isn’t) as well as your past (what colours the way you make sense of things). And then, with those pieces in place, we’ll explore the future – what does success look and feel like to you beyond any revenue goals you might have. This allows us to judge accurately whether our frameworks and methodology will work for you. It will also help us keep you on track while in the program when you’re tempted to overcomplicate or get distracted.


What is the format of the Impact with Influence program?

  • Videos, audios, and written frameworks and templates in the program portal
  • Self-hypnosis audios supporting all the tactical pieces so your head and heart are aligned
  • 1-on-1 written copy coaching via Helpdesk (unlimited during the 8 weeks)
  • Four 1-on-1 mindset coaching sessions + custom audio based on your sessions
  • Two weekly group coaching calls focused on tactical and mindset strategies
  • Facebook group support with my team and your peers in the program (lifetime)
  • Lifetime access to all recorded materials plus updates

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