From $1,200 to $21k/month doing less!

How Jayme STOPPED doing the “right things” and went from $1,200/month to $21,000/month 🤯 Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels? 😰

Like, no matter what you do and how hard you work, you just can’t achieve what you KNOW you can achieve? 🧐

That’s how Jayme felt…

She was doing all the “right things”… 👌

She was offering workshops, certifications, retreats, private 1-on-1 clients, online DIY programs…

You name it, she had it.

And yet…

She never got the expansion and the momentum she was hoping for. 🥺

After investing all that time, money, and energy… she didn’t have the impact and the traction she wanted.

She felt stuck. Lost. 🤷‍♀️

No matter what she did, she couldn’t get to the business she dreamed of. The one she envisioned every day.

But now? 👇

She runs a successful business that’s exactly what she always wanted. 💥

She went from $1,200/month… to $21,000/month. 🤑

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