A simple exercise to help overcome sales resistance

exercise to overcome sales resistance

At some point in your coaching business, you’ll reach the pivotal moment when you need to ask for the sale. For many people, it’s the hardest part of running a business. They shy away from pitches, mumble through the call to action, and vastly undersell their program. Sales resistance is the fastest way to self-sabotaging your business. Overcoming that resistance means facing it head-on, and digging in deep to discover the pain, false beliefs, and toxic relationships that are at its core. Like all the work I do at Impact with Influence, we begin from the inside out. If you’re facing sales resistance, you have to start by looking within you and identifying the root of your fears. In this post, I’ll detail a short exercise to help overcome sales resistance to get you started.

Journal Exercise

Grab a notebook and a pen and give yourself 30 minutes to do some journaling. Make sure you’ve given yourself the time and space to give this your full attention. Start by asking yourself this question: What is my own biggest resistance to the selling process? Feel into this question. Don’t just use your intellect but really tune into your bodily sensations.

  • What physical reactions do you have when you ponder this question? Does your heart rate go up? Do you feel antsy? Write down any physical sensations that arise when you ponder this question.
  • Next, start writing down the stories that surface in response to the question. What interactions have you had in the past that made you uncomfortable with regard to sales? Did you have an uncomfortable interaction with a sales associate in a clothing store? Were you bullied or pressured by a car salesperson? Did you buy something from a place of desperation or scarcity that came back to haunt you?
  • Next, explore any emotions that bubbled up. Anger, shame, guilt, etc. Note them down and notice any physical sensations that might be linked to them. Eg: A tightening in your chest, a fluttery pulse, etc.

Step 2 of the exercise to help overcome sales resistance

Write down every detail, no matter how small. You might be surprised by what comes up. Now, ask yourself: What do I fear will happen if I receive a lot of money?

Follow the same process as above, noting the physical sensations, the tangible stories, and the emotions that arise at the thought of receiving money.

  • What physical sensations do you associate with receiving money? Does your stomach clench? Do you feel a weight being put on or lifted off your chest?
  • Next, ponder what scenarios might occur if you were to receive money. Are you afraid of the person you’ll become if you make more money? Are you worried what you might have to lose to get the money? Or are you afraid of burnout, or wrecked relationships and health? Maybe you’re worried about judgement or rejection from friends and family.
  • Finally, what emotional response are you registering? Relief? Guilt? Fear? Write them all down, positive or negative.


What I want you to do here is respond with compassion. Don’t judge what comes up – it’s merely information. Imagine you’re talking to a small, vulnerable child. You wouldn’t be critical or demeaning. You would be understanding and inviting. This feeling of willingness and invitation is the portal through which we will transform the rest of the process.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, head over to my post on How to Overcome Sales Resistance for a more detailed guide to transforming your sales process.

And if you’re looking for deeper training on messaging, sales and coaching techniques that will help you serve your clients better while growing your coaching business, read about the Impact with Influence program here to understand more about how we can help.

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